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More Headcanon

This is to make my little headcanon APH world more complete... This time, including some OCs that I've had running around through my head. The other headcanon post is over here, Comrades! Most of this is fairly undeveloped, but I wanted to throw it down before I forgot about it!
Russia/Ivan Braginski
* Sees Siberia and Alaska as his little princesses

Siberia/Zhlata Braginskaya
* Alaska's twin sister...
* Is easily lonely
* Is about 5'10" and moderate in weight
* Has long silver hair in a single braid that she wears over her right shoulder
* Has red eyes representing the Siberian Traps
* Wears a fur coat
* Comes across as not very friendly at all, but loves people. It's just hard because she's very shy.
* Enjoys paleontology

Alaska/Valeriya Braginskaya Jones
* Siberia's twin sister...
* Loves crab fishing
* Is resentful of her father giving her to America
* Is about 5'10" and  a little thinner than Zhlata
* Has long silver hair that she wears in a braided bun, with two thin bangs in front of her face
* Has vibrant green eyes representing the southern forests and islands
* Wears a fur coat when she isn't crab fishing
* Is very cold towards others, but loves her twin sister dearly
* Is good friends with Canada and Washington

Washington/Amanda Jones
* Oregon's younger sister
* Is a tomboy
* Loves the great outdoors
* Is gothic in modern times
* Wears a leather trench coat to combat the fog and rain
* Is very protective of Oregon and frequently follows him around out of boredom
* Is incredibly hyper at times

Oregon/Cody Jones
Washington's older brother
* Is very quiet
* Wears dark clothes
* Enjoys working outside
* Hand-makes many things
* Is one of the few people to tolerate Washington
* Sleeps a lot
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